About Us

AT swimwear started as a dream, following a constant vision in mind. Alysbel Tescaritt (founder) has always had passion for fashion, after moving to Miami her desire for beachwear and vacay style got even stronger and started to focus her mind on swimwear brand. After hard work and all her effort together with her partner, AT Swimwear could finally become reality.
AT swimwear is committed to empower women, inspiring every single woman to feel and look glamorous, elegant and beautiful on her own skin.
The swimwear designs aim to delivery every woman the feeling of being “herself” and own every piece, from having a good time on a yacht to relaxing on a resort anywhere in the world. 
About The founder Aliss Tescaritt:
Alysbel Tescaritt was born in Venezuela, her parents have always supported her in every decision she makes, as well as her husband. She have had the desire to be independent and see the world the way it is since she was little. Travelled since a young age and has always had the intrigue to get to know different cultures. Travelling around the world have made her understand we all are different but can actually have the same dreams and aim for the same goals, yet achieve them in such different ways.
After moving to Miami she got to understand and feel inspired by the city, so many diffierent cultures, so many different ethnicities. Designing swimwear for the perfect vacay at a resort or just having a good time on a yacht, where every woman can own every piece on their own skin looking beautiful, no matter where they are from, AT swimwear is for all women around the world.
“Every woman has her own style and nobody can own it the same way” – AlissTescaritt